About Us.

Good communication leads to creative collaborations.

Harvest House is the new kid on the block with a decade’s worth of combined experience and a whole lot of passion. Led by creative director and wordsmith, Puno Selesho, Harvest House relies on a wide network of exceptional freelancers to get the job done.


Slowly but surely, the world has come to see that doing good is good business. We want to see the game-changing CEO, the marketing manager with big ideas, the hustling mom-and-pop store, the fund manager with a big heart, and the sassy influencer succeed in their endeavours. 


Your product, your service, your story is exactly what the world needs. By refining and amplifying your narrative, we'll help you communicate your value, build trust, nurture loyalty, and better serve your customers.

We back you; we believe in you, and
we want to partner with you to see your vision come to life. 

Good communication attracts the right talent.

Our Team.